Save A Billion People. That is the mission of Rage to LIVE. Everywhere we look, our lives and dignity are being stolen by greed. GREED determines who lives and who dies. Who rules and who is enslaved.  What companies are built and whom they serve.  Cash rules everything around us. Everything is about making a billion dollars. Or more. And you know - FUCK a billion dollars. A billion lives, though. That shit's cool. A Billion lives saved. Yes, Billion. With a “B”. Capital “B”. Lives. Not Dollars. That’s the Vision. To build a family of companies whose sole purpose is to harness capitalism to go to the people being left to suffer and to die.   To rewrite the way we build companies.  And who builds them. Even if no one else will. Even when the whole world says it can’t be done. We will go there - not in spite of, but precisely because others say... "you can't do that." 

Never sold.  Never listed on the stock market.  Funded by an endowment.  Run by a Trust.

 Never forced to prioritize profits over people.

No human being left to die. 


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