How to Build a Billion Life Company.  The 10 Commandments. 

 1. Pick a Problem. A Big One.  One wherein human life and dignity is at stake. Now pick a bigger one.  Now bigger one more time. Now create a for-profit solution - one that leverages capitalism and harnesses greed. 

 2. Find a team of Misfits others wouldn't hire. Then hire them.  (If the problem hasn't been solved yet, it probably needs new types of people to solve it.) 

 3. Treat them like family.  Like equals.  From the Janitor to your COO.  Like they're more important than you.  Because they are. 

 4. Give all of them ownership.  Of the company.  Of the problem. Of the failures.  Of the success.  Live and die as a team. 

 5. Never Sell. The point is to save a billion people. You can't do that if you don't have a company anymore. 

 6. Never IPO or Go Public.  The stock market gives a damn about one metric.  Stock price. i.e. Short term greed.  There are only two things that must continue to consume and to grow to survive - cancer and a public corporation.  That's no accident. 

 7. Set up an endowment with the investment you take or the profits you make.  Endowments live forever. And so will your company. 

 8. If you're the Founder and CEO - Give it all away.  Create a private Trust and give your equity to it.  All of it.  Now.  While you're still alive. 

 9.  Whenever you have a choice between what is most profitable and most good - choose goodness.  Every time. You'll actually make more money.  And still have a soul. 

 10.  Don't Flinch.  It's going to suck.  Buckle up. 


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