Rage To Live

The organisations which define our lives - from the food we eat to the sheets we sleep upon to the medicines we take when our lives are at their end - are built to serve that supreme of American gods - Greed. Greed, like cancer, demands infinite growth. And it ultimately determines every company that is created. Not which companies are best for society, not which companies produce the very best ideas. But rather which companies will produce the greatest return on investment, whatever the cost. We have given the power of life and death and dignity to something that must continue to consume to survive. And at its singularly-focused, short-sighted altar we have created societal ills and global injustices which have reached catastrophic levels. Global in scale and scope and devastating in outcome. Slavery. Hunger. Corporate pollution. Disease. Death. Exclusion. Violence. Poverty.

We then slap philanthropic bandaids on systemic evils without addressing systemic causes. And we handicap them through a thousand crutches and make them reliant on the crumbs from corporate giving programs and the hard-earned dollars of the general public. But a nonprofit solution can never compete with a market-driven injustice. Greed is forever. So are the evils it creates. We stand no chance unless we align greed with goodness unless we make it most profitable to do the most good.

I’ve had an idea for the last 5 years now. And every time I’ve said it out loud I’ve been resoundingly told “you can’t do that.” “Philanthropy and business don’t mix. You need to decide what you are.” “You may get people to cheer, but you’ll never get them to write a check.”



That idea is to build a family of companies whose sole purpose is to save a billion people. To rewrite the way we build companies. And who builds them.  To build a for-profit company whose sole purpose is to solve the greatest injustices - the problems we are told are too big to be solved, the problems created by greed and evil on which we ineffectively try to slap philanthropic bandaids.  To build a global corporation, built for the people by the people, whose sole purpose is to attack the greateset injustices of our time. Built not by the rich but by the poor. Robin Hood as fuck. Led by plumbers, single mothers, formerly incarcerated fathers, cancer patients, widows, orphans. Never sold.  Never listed on the stock market. Never forced to prioritize profits over people. An organization that can become as powerful as Amazon, Apple, or Google but which is driven by impact rather than stock price.  That can make it profitable to pursue goodness. Slaves Freed. Poverty crushed. Evil redeemed. Lives saved. A world that harnesses Rage into a defiant, roaring Rage to LIVE. In short, to blow the fuck out of capitalism. If you’re going to fight with lions, you better become the biggest fucking lion in the land. Let’s stop trying to patch up the devastation they create with their leftover scraps. Let’s create solutions that are self-sustaining and that can become equally as powerful the problems they seek to solve. And overtake them.

Disrupt $.  Dismantle POW R.  Rebuild the W RLD.

A billion people saved in the next 100 years. We will build it. Our children will inherit it. Something to go to the people being left to suffer and to die. Even if no one else will. Even when the whole world says it can’t be done. We will go there not in spite of, but precisely because others say “You can’t do that.” We will work with others ideally, alone if we must, to fight against all of it. It is all fundamentally and systematically connected. And to change forever you must change from the inside out, and you must change from below, at the root. And with the least of these. No human being left to die.

 Greed is forever.  So is Rage to LIVE. 

 Of the people.  For the people.  By the people.